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Introducing SOL Physical Therapists: Max Neggo, DPT

November 20th, 2014

  Remember Katie Barry, DPT? Here’s a quick reminder: With seemingly psychic powers (and complementary sympathetic vocalizations), Katie’s stalwart thumbs, eloquent approach to explanation, and locked-down knowledge inspire serious confidence. This week, I’d like to introduce the SOLPT world to Max Neggo, DPT.   I treated with Max down at SOL Performance Training, and this […]

The #1 Reason Why You Need to Start Training with SOL Performance

November 13th, 2014

  I want you to imagine yourself in a happy future. Start with 5 years down the road. What does your life look like? What are you doing? What have you accomplished? What’s next for you? Now imagine 10 years into the future. Take your time. I’ll wait. Now imagine 20 years. 30 years. 40. […]

Introducing SOL Physical Therapists: Katie Barry, DPT

November 6th, 2014

After a small interlude to congratulate the World Champion San Francisco Giants, we’re back on the road to introducing you to all the physical therapists at SOL. A few weeks ago, you were given in a glimpse into what it’s like to treat with Ann-Michelle Ongerth, DPT: “Ann-Michelle’s sturdy thumbs, scientific explanations, and laser focus on […]

How Rehabbing with SOL is like the Giants’ Road to the Championship

October 30th, 2014

  At first, you’re riddled with injury …   … and the road to victory seems long and tortuous.   But with locked-down coaching…   … and a few choice motivational words…   …our PTs will teach you the proper biomechanics…   …and help you with the heads-up physical decision making …   …that will inevitably lead […]

Introducing SOL Physical Therapists: Ann-Michelle Ongerth, DPT

October 23rd, 2014

  Last week, I introduced the SOL community to Korey Pieper, DPT, OCS: “Calm, yet discerning, Korey’s compassionate thumbs and pleasant bedside manner make her a pleasure to work with each and every week.” This week, it’s time to talk about her partner in PT at SOL Walnut Creek, Ann-Michelle Ongerth, DPT. Here is my one sentence […]

Introducing a SOL Physical Therapist: Korey Pieper, DPT, OCS

October 16th, 2014

  My name is Becca. I work for SOL Physical Therapy, but I’m not a physical therapist. For the last several weeks, I’ve been taking you through my experience of what it’s like to be a patient at SOLPT. In this story, I’ve been the hero. I’ve shared my adventures in overcoming bad habits, falling […]

Three Reasons Why SOL Physical Therapy Aides are the Absolute Best

October 9th, 2014

  My name is Becca, and I work for SOL physical therapy, but I’m not a physical therapist. In my story about physical therapy thus far, I’ve given props to my physical therapist for really providing some insightful information about my condition and I’ve given props to SOL’s owner for walking her talk and living […]

I stopped going to physical therapy. You’ll never believe what happened.

October 2nd, 2014

  My name is Becca and I work for SOL Physical Therapy, but I’m not a physical therapist. Three weeks ago, I waxed poetic about how physical therapy was changing my life for the better. After enthusiastically attending my physical therapy follow-up the next day, I missed my next two appointments, and fell back into some […]

Until I took SOL Functional Movement, I didn’t realize how poorly I moved (I move a lot better now).

September 25th, 2014

  My name is Becca! If you’ve been following SOL’s blog lately, you know that I’ve been sharing my SOL physical therapy story. (Want the whole story? Start here.) Shortly into my treatment, Jay Marchi (one of our SOL Performance trainers, physical therapy aides, fellow Giants fan, and all around wonderful person) started teaching a […]

6 Home Exercises to Cure My Repetitive Strain Injury

September 18th, 2014

  My name is Becca and I work for SOL Physical Therapy, but I’m not a physical therapist. I’m curing the damage in my arm/shoulder/neck from 5 years of computer-induced repetitive strain injury (RSI). A few weeks ago, I promised I’d show you my home exercise program, and today I’m making good on that promise.   […]